​5 Signs You’re Ready to Date Again

5 Signs You're Ready to Date Again by James Russell Lingerfelt

You are the only person who will know when you’re ready to pursue another romantic relationship. But here’s 5 insights to help you along.
1. You’re ready to be completely and utterly unselfish.
The worse question we can ask in relationships is, “What’s in it for me?”
Until you’re ready to place another person’s desires and needs above your own, stay single. There’s still some things you need to take care of in your life before you take on the responsibility of caring for another.

Any relationship requires giving and receiving, of course, but if both spouses strove for this mentality, the relationship will be healthy. 
2. You’re no longer afraid to be open and honest about your needs and wants.
Do you have the courage to express your needs and desires to a potential partner?
When we’re kids, we hope our girlfriend or boyfriend will just figure it out. When they do, without being told, they’re portrayed as heroes. But that’s naïve. No one is psychic. A mature adult understands the necessity of effective and open communication.

 3. You know what you want in life.
You don’t have it all figured out and you don’t have to. But you do need an idea of where you want your life and/or career to go.
When we know what we want, we’re better at planning and expressing our visions, desires, and needs to our partner.
4. You love yourself.
You’re satisfied with who you are. You know and love yourself and you’re comfortable being with yourself.
Actually, you’d be fine being single for the rest of your life. You know you have your family and friends.
You cannot be the strong person you’re partner needs until you’re satisfied with who you are, first.

A relationship writer named James Michael Sama said, “Single is simply a word to describe someone who is strong enough to live their life by themselves until the right person comes along to share it with.” He hit the nail on the head.
5. Your past ex is history.
You truly wish your ex a happy life… and would say no to them if he or she tried to come back.
How unfair would it be to date and eventually marry someone while your heart is still open to another? It’s possible that person from your past could return, asking for another chance. If you’re committed to another, how strong will you be?
In Closing,

When you commit to the right person, you’ll know there’s no one else who can compete with his or her place in your life.
You’ve spent enough time together, you know him or her, you know their families well, and the future looks bright.
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