Released March 15, 2016

Two teenagers met and fell in love during the summer of 1999. They were torn apart, lost touch, but bump into each other fifteen years later.

"For Summer Leaves to be made on a $0 budget, what they've created is exceptional."
– Carl Lauten, director of The Cosby Show and Spin City

Starring: Brandon Leighton Barranco, Katrina Despain, Sandra Lafferty, Ryan Tramel
Writer & Director: James Russell Lingerfelt
Director of Photography: Eric McClendon
Producer: Brandon Leighton Barranco 
Music Supervisor: Vince Emmett  Music Coordinator: David Hammonds 
Special thanks for additional music: Andolyn Parrish and Spencer Bambrick 
Locations: DeKalb and Jackson counties, Alabama. Downtown Franklin, Tennessee.
Production Budget: $0 (all cast and crew volunteered their time)