Released March 15, 2016

Two teenagers met and fell in love during the summer of 1999. They were torn apart, lost touch, but bump into each other in a cafe fifteen years later.

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"For Summer Leaves to be made on a $0 budget, what they've created is exceptional."
– Carl Lauten, director of The Cosby Show and Spin City

Starring: Brandon Leighton Barranco, Katrina Despain, Sandra Lafferty, Ryan Tramel
Writer & Director: James Russell Lingerfelt
Director of Photography: Eric McClendon
Producer: Brandon Leighton Barranco 
Music Supervisor: Vince Emmett  Music Coordinator: David Hammonds 
Special thanks for additional music: Andolyn Parrish and Spencer Bambrick 
Locations: DeKalb and Jackson counties, Alabama. Downtown Franklin, Tennessee.
Production Budget: $0 (all cast and crew volunteered their time)