9 Things Men Love About Their Women

9 Things Men Love About Their Women by James Russell Lingerfelt


Some of the best advice I've received regarding women didn't come from men or any young women. It came from a retired mom who served as a social worker for 20 years. She spent her life listening to the hearts of women. 

I point this out because I have to tell ladies all the time to stop getting men advice from their girlfriends. You want to understand men? Start with seeking out male leaders who aren't afraid to speak truthfully to you. 

Meanwhile, here's some words to help along the way. A man loves it when... 

1. When you’re not afraid to be yourself 

Nothing signals confidence and security than a woman who doesn’t pretend to be something she isn’t. Men know no one’s perfect. 
Being yourself will attract people who will like and love you for you. Including him. 

2. When you dress at home… like you’re home 

He loves it when you’re ready to just chill in jeans and a t-shirt. And a girl in sweatpants on the couch is a girl at home. 
You score greater points if you wear his clothes. 
3. When you’ve learned to hang with the boys… and you love his family 

You’ve learned to dwell on the good in them and roll your eyes and laugh when they say and do stuff off the wall. 
That doesn’t mean you have to like everything about them. Your man doesn’t, either. 
4. When you build him up 

Men are very rough on themselves. They constantly want to be better, more successful, and they often wonder if they have what it takes… in everything. 
When your words to him are positive and encouraging, when you tell him what you admire and respect about him, it can do wonders. 

5. When you greet him with a hug and kiss

Everyone likes to feel welcome and wanted. So when the woman he loves greets him with a smile, a hug, and a kiss, he’ll feel admired and appreciated. 
And his friends and family take notice, the man is respected by them because they know he’s taking care of his woman. 
Respect, appreciation, admiration, are typically more important to a man than feeling romantic love. 
6. When you’re dependable 

If he needs help with something, and his friends can’t help, but you can and you do, you remind him he’s never alone. 
If he can depend on your for the small things, he’ll begin trusting you for the big things. 

7. When he knows he can trust you – anywhere 

It takes a while to build trust. But when he knows he can trust you in your behavior and with his secrets, you’re creating a foundation for a future together. 
8. When you want him sexually 

Nothing is more of a turn on than when the woman he loves can’t keep her eyes and hands off him. 
9. When you ask what you can do to help 

“How can I make your day better? Is there something I can do that I haven’t been doing?” Awesome questions to ask him. 

If you’re ready to fulfill his needs and wants, you’ll probably find that over time your man will begin asking you the same questions.

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