6 Things To Remember When You Don't Feel Good Enough

6 Things To Remember When You Don't Feel Good Enough by James Russell Lingerfelt

We all have our days when the world couldn’t be better, and others, when we wonder why we even try.

The worst day is when we listen to that voice that says we’re not good enough. Where does that voice come from, anyway? It doesn’t come from the people who love us.

Here are some key points we can remember on our bad days.

1. There are more good things working for us than the bad.

We tend to look at other people’s highlights and think that’s how their life is lived at all times. 

The comparison game only leads us to a life of either self-pity (I’m not as good as them) or pride (I’m better than them). 

Each day is filled with its highs and lows, victories and defeats, accomplishments and shortcomings.

What if we chose to look at people as fellow workers, strivers, and survivors in the world? With eyes of empathy and compassion, we can see all humanity sharing in the human experience. 

2. Nothing lasts forever – the good or the bad.

Was today a bad day? Whatever resulted… it will pass. And people will forget. As famous writers say after a novel performs poorly, “Do better next time.” Let it go. There’s nothing more we can do.

If anyone looks down on us, they’re simply forgetting that they too have made mistakes or have fallen short.

3. The people who love us most - what do they think about us?

People will say and think nasty things about us… Now let's ask ourselves a question. Do they truly know us? 

If they did, they probably wouldn’t have thought or said those things? Why, because they would already understand why we did and said what we did.

Now the people who love us most, what do they think and say about us? Probably very good things. Let's dwell on those.

4. Life isn’t a race or a marathon. It’s a journey.

You hear that life is more of a journey than a destination. But I’m saying there is no destination. Try it. Tell me your destination. There isn’t one.

The entire life is a journey. 

If we believe we must “win” or “succeed” let's be reminded that we define what “winning” and “succeeding” is.

What if we began focusing on enjoying the journey and the pursuit of our dreams and goals rather than attaining the goal? That way, if we don’t attain the goal or it isn’t attained quick enough, we are still enjoying existence. 

Life will be easier, we’ll be more merciful to ourselves, and we’ll enjoy the path to success more, when we simply change our attitudes.

5. Remember the poorer by spending time with them.

This can mean economic or mentally. It may require volunteering at the local mission, neighborhood, or even serving in third world countries.

When we take the time to listen to other's struggles, we’ll find that things in our lives are often much better than we thought. We'll also find that through helping others find healing, we too are healed.

6. Since we are entitled to nothing and life is unpredictable, try this:

Every day, write down three things you’re thankful for. It takes a little effort, but you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes in your mind and spirit.

We have no idea what will happen five minutes from now. Keeping this in mind helps remind us that life is a journey. Dwelling on the positive, choosing to be thankful for what we already have, dwelling on our blessings, these practices will serve as medicine to our souls. 

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