​5 Great Ways To Enjoy Being Single

5 Great Ways To Enjoy Being Single by James Russell Lingerfelt


It’s been my observation that society in general is becoming more aware of the importance of knowing and understanding ourselves before committing to a partner.

We seek to understand ourselves, our own wants and desires, thus embracing the single life until we’re ready to fully commit to a relationship.

For those who spent their earlier years in committed romantic relationships, and you want a fresh start getting to know yourself, this article will stimulate some ideas to help you enjoy and get the most out of your single life.

1. Get active and adventurous.

When you’re sitting in your home or office all day, the weekend arrives, and you don’t want to look at anything work related… where does your mind wander? 

Yoga, Biking, Hiking, Running, Swimming, Mountain Climbing, Traveling, Concerts, Barbeques? Make a list of where your mind wanders, for that will tell you a lot about yourself. Then, start participating and enjoying yourself. 

Not only will you find a life of adventure, but when you’re ready for romance, you’ve met some great, likeminded people along the way who share similar interests. 

2. Reconnect with old friends.

There are friends and old acquaintances you wish you had time to get to know… who are also single.

You’ll have a blast together once you reconnect. They may even introduce you to interests of theirs that you didn’t know could be so much fun.

You’ll also meet their friends and expand your social networks. That means you’re likely to meet future best friends you never knew existed.

3. Pursue your dream moneymaker.

You might be an artist who now has more time to learn how to promote and sell your art, or you might like the idea of working with people already established in an industry that intrigues you.

You can set up meetings, lunches, coffee times, and outings with different people you want to learn from and/or work with.

We all want to be at a place where we make a living just doing what we love. Now you have more free time to explore those possibilities. Go for it!

4. If people think it’s strange you’re single… know they’ll get over it.

Why are people great at giving us suggestions and advice? Because they don’t have to live with the consequences of our decisions. We do.

I don’t understand myself very well. I’m working on that. But I understand me better than anyone in my family and within my close group of friends.

If you know what’s right for you, then do it.

5. Remember who’s in your life now… who would love your love.

My parents and brother are awesome. And I have a handful of very close friends I’ve known for years who I can depend on for anything. 

When I pour my love and attention into them, and I’m there for them when they need me, guess what? Their countenance lights up like a firefly. 

Our relationship that’s already built on years of love, respect, trust… it grows stronger, deeper, and the loneliness I felt away from them dissipates.

In closing:

I like to look at my life and see who’s already there, who loves me and thinks I’m pretty amazing, and then I like to spend my time with them as often as possible.

Since I’ve adopted these attitudes, my life has become much, much richer.

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